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How to clean your property properly before going on a trip

Learn how to clean your property like a professional cleaner before going on a trip.

There are many things which can be mention in our list and it all depends on the duration of the trip and the state of the property initially. If you would like to feel more comfortable upon your return and to make arriving relaxed, we will include a checklist of all the tasks you’ll need to perform before your planned trip. The other possible option is to hire a professional cleaning company to perform the service for you. Using Spotless Professional Cleaners, 60 seconds online booking form can help you book your cleaner as easy as 1-2-3.

If you decide to clean your property by your self here is our top 7 things to perform.

#1 Do the laundry

As we all know going on a trip means that upon return there will be plenty of laundry. Make sure that you wash and organize all the clothes which you left including the sheets, pillows and towels.

#2 Change the linen on your bed(s)

What would be better than getting at your house late from that trip of yours and slide your self in a clean and perfectly ironed sheets.

#3 Run around the house with the cleaning mop and the hoover

Pro tip for cleaning the floors. Start from the farthest corner / room of your property.

#4 Remember to empty the bins

Otherwise the first greeting on your arrival will be the smell of rotten food. Before throwing the main bin walk around all the rooms in the property. Empty all the small/rest of the bins and collect everything which can be considered as garbage.

#5 Clean the kitchen and wash the dishes

Start by dusting and wiping the working areas of the kitchen is an important step, wiping every surface in small sections from the top to bottom all the way around the room. Save the fridge, stove and any electrical appliance for the end.

#6 How to organize and dust all the rooms

You can start by walking through all the rooms collect and fold all the clothes left and either put them for washing or put them in the wardrobe. Collect all the and move all objects from the surfaces, so you can dust them properly.

#7 Clean and disinfect the bathroom / toilet

When you arrive back the first thing most of us do is take hot long shower. The last thing you would love to do is cleaning your bathroom when you are back.

Hiring a professional cleaning company like Spotless Professional Cleaners can help you with all the tasks listed above. If you still have questions feel free to join us for a chat or contact us at your convenience.

Oh and not to forget our team wishes you a fabulous vacation!


  1. Vanilla

    on   said 

    Hey hey I believe the best option will be to book a cleaner, we all know that if we clean our properties we will miss something. 🤣 Funny article and thanks for the suggestions 😏

    • Fabia Rivalldy

      on   said 

      @Vanilla Cleaning service is a necessity in the world we are living. Who has ⌚to do all this stuff when we can just book a cleaner ? Nice article dough. 🤭


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